Premium drinking water system that delivers worry-free quality drinking water.

Ultrefiner II is RainSoft's premium drinking water system. It delivers worry-free quality drinking water that eliminates the need for paying for bottled water.

Ultrefiner II eco-friendly system addresses any water concern by removing microscopic particles, inorganic solids, as well any chlorine taste and odor through its thorough filtration process that includes three high quality multistage filters.

The highly filtered water provided by Ultrefiner II is dispensed through a dedicated water faucet and it can also be routed to your refrigerator's ice dispenser and water dispenser.



  • Works in conjunction with the EC4 Water Conditioning System
  • You get the ‘ideal’ drinking and cooking water
  • Better tasting coffees, teas, juices
  • And above of all, healthier drinking water!