Whole-House Carbon Filtration System that dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine used for making your water safe to drink.

RainSoft’s QRS system is a Whole-House Carbon Filtration System that is designed primarily for homes with municipally chlorine treated water in mind.

The filters in the QRS system dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine that is used for the disinfection process that makes your water safe to drink. If you experience a lingering taste and/or smell of chlorine in your water and, it is keeping you and your family from enjoying drinking water from your kitchen tap, this is the product for you.

The filtration process begins when water enters the filter tank and then travels through a deep bed of highly activated carbon filter at the bottom of the tank. Once chlorine and other contaminants are removed by this filter, clean and healthy drinking water emerges from the riser pipe.

Enjoy drinking your tap water again with help from Lifetime Water Systems and RainSoft QRS system!



  • Contains a highly activated carbon with acres of surface area to absorb bad tastes and odors in your water, as well as unwanted sediment.
  • Carbon is manufactured to be cleaner, stronger, and harder than the industry standard.
  • Tank within-a-tank construction; outer tank made of durable glass filament, and the inside tank is made of sanitary plastic to ensure your drinking water never touches the interior fiberglass surface.