The ultimate water conditioning system that provides unparallel savings in soap and household cleaning products.

EC5 by RainSoft is the ultimate water conditioning system. Provides unparallel savings in soap and household cleaning products while extending the life of appliances & plumbing throughout your entire home.

EC5 provides endless supply of cleaner, clearer and softer water through its conditioning process. The process begins when water enters the control valve and flows down through the resin tank where millions of tiny resin beads attract & hold calcium and magnesium that might be present in the water through a process known as ion exchange. Conditioned water exits at the bottom of the resin tank through a riser pipe out of the control value.

EC5 is RainSoft's most advanced water conditioning system and it is easy to own. It features a self-cleaning process, a smartphone app and a large six-line LCD display to access its settings that let you adjust the system to your specific water conditions, optimizing both water and salt usage.



  • Large two line LCD display with easy to read and user friendly programming.
  • Flash memory– never needs reprogramming.
  • Super capacitor eliminates the need for a battery back up and never needs changing.
  • Robust outdoor design with conformal coating on the computer board and sealed water proof switches allows the system to be installed in the toughest environments.
  • Auto restart ensures you always have conditioned water even if the power goes out.
  • Lifetime warranty on all components including electrical parts. The strongest in the industry period.
  • Proportional brining and rinsing a RainSoft exclusive that not only saves on regenerant but save water as well.
  • Low regenerant alarm ensures you will never run out of conditioned water.
  • Built in accessory alarms that informs you of regular maintenance requirements including maintenance for other components such as drinking and specialty filters.