Feel the Purity in Every Sip: No Chlorine, Just Freshness!

QRS™ Whole-House Water Filtration System


Experience Freshness with Every Sip! The RainSoft QRS Whole-House Carbon Filtration System, your ultimate solution for transforming municipally treated water into a clean, safe, and enjoyable drinking experience right from your tap.

This advanced system is specifically designed to eliminate the unwanted chlorine taste and smell pervasive in many household water supplies

Drinking tap water without any drawbacks.

Enjoy the benefits of filtered water at every tap in your home.


With the QRS™ Whole-House Carbon Filtration System, every sip is a step towards a healthier, happier home. Whether you’re cooking, drinking, or cleaning, the QRS system provides consistent quality throughout. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is not only safe but deliciously clean. Tap into better water today with RainSoft’s QRS system!

The carbon filters in the QRS system are not only highly activated but also surpass industry standards in cleanliness, strength, and hardness, ensuring the best filtration and durability that dramatically decreases the levels of chlorine used during the disinfection process. This means the water you drink is both safe and tasty.



  • Contains a highly activated carbon with acres of surface area to absorb bad tastes and odors in your water, as well as unwanted sediment.
  • Carbon is manufactured to be cleaner, stronger, and harder than the industry standard.
  • Tank within-a-tank construction; outer tank made of durable glass filament, and the inside tank is made of sanitary plastic to ensure your drinking water never touches the interior fiberglass surface.