Complimentary Water Analysis Program

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Once you register we will contact you in the next 7 days to take a sample from the water in your home (we will bring a plastic bottle and wait outside while you take the sample), then we will send it to SGS Canada Inc,(www.sgs.ca). They are a fully certified laboratory in Canada that will be testing the water sample for the following:

1. Lead4. Sulphate7. Hardness
2. Nitrate5. Chloride8. Fluoride
3. Nitrite6. TDS       9. Alkalinity

After a couple of weeks we will contact you to deliver the results in person and explain them to you.


Or, if you’d prefer, call us at 1.888.712.4400 or text us at 647 550 8797

Commonly asked questions

Is there a cost for me to get the water test done?

A written report with the results of the test has a reduced cost of $80 plus HST (regular cost is $150 + HST). If you qualify* and agree to have one of our representatives to visit you, you will receive the written report at no cost and no obligation to purchase anything.

*A qualified household is a residence where we will be able to talk to the homeowner(s) and they will be present and willing to participate on the test at the time of our visit.

Can I get the written results without the in-person explanation?

Yes you can. As you might already know we sell and install water treatment systems (we have been doing it since 1997). The City continuously tests the water you receive to make sure it is healthy for you. We are investing in a professional test because we want to show the difference between water that meets City standards and water that exceeds City standards. Our goal is that you are pleased with our service and decide to do business with us in the future. However, if you prefer not to be visited at this time we will be pleased to send you the results at the cost SGS has provided to us ($80 + HST). This is still good for you as the regular cost for this test is $150 + HST. Commonly asked questions

Is my water safe to drink?

Absolutely, the city does a great job treating your water, however, there are many reason why you should consider improving the quality of you water, after all, there is a reason why so many people drink bottled water as supposed to city water

Are you affiliated to the city or any other governmental body?

No, we are a private company that sales water treatment systems since 1997 and we are providing you with this service with the purpose of earning your business in the future.

Do I have to participate on the water test?

If you wish to receive the free written test result any homeowners have to participate on the water test. You do not have to buy anything. After the additional water test, we do (approximately 35 minutes) you will be getting the written water test results from the Laboratory

Do I have to get someone to come to my home?

No you do not. If you just want the written results, just pay the $75 plus HST and we will send you the written results any way you want us to do so, email, WhatsApp, text, fax…. Etc. However, if you want to get it for free, you do have to agree to have an appointment with all homeowners present.

Why do I have to open my door to give you the water sample?

We will be filling out 2 bottles (1/2 litter each) and the bottles have a preservative in order to get an accurate test on your water, that is why we need to fill them up and deliver them to the lab as soon as possible.

Can I get the test done in the future?

Yes you can, however; if we do not have the program in your area, you will need to supply your sample in our office in Mississauga in order to get the test done. Please call the office prior to coming in to explain to you what we need.

Water Test by Mail program

Our Water Test by Mail is a program that Lifetime Water Systems has successfully run for several years, connecting people with information about their home water. be Rest assured that the focus of the program is NOT about scaring people about the quality of their water. On the contrary, the goal of the program, besides showing people that their water meets (and sometime exceeds) city water standards, is showing the reasons why people deal with water related nuisances, that range from soap scum on bathroom tiles and hair buildup, to the use of harsh detergents for washing clothes and water filters and bottles for drinking water.

When people provide us with a water sample, we are able to provide with information about their water. We strive to keep our process transparent, so the form that people receive initially has detailed descriptions of both the purpose of the test and the steps in the process.

When people are curious about their home water, many do not know where to go or who to ask for information or advice. Our Water Test by Mail program puts personalized information and answers to questions about your home water at your fingertips, in a convenient and quick way.

If you received a water test package, Why not take the opportunity to learn more about your home water? Simply send the sample back to us.

Or, if you do not have a water test package and would like to receive one, please provide us with your information

If you would like to learn about about the reasons why it makes sense to conduct a free water test, here is a useful article.

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