Water Test by Mail program

Our Water Test by Mail is a program that Lifetime Water Systems has successfully run for several years, connecting people with information about their home water. be Rest assured that the focus of the program is NOT about scaring people about the quality of their water. On the contrary, the goal of the program, besides showing people that their water meets (and sometime exceeds) city water standards, is showing the reasons why people deal with water related nuisances, that range from soap scum on bathroom tiles and hair buildup, to the use of harsh detergents for washing clothes and water filters and bottles for drinking water.

When people provide us with a water sample, we are able to provide with information about their water. We strive to keep our process transparent, so the form that people receive initially has detailed descriptions of both the purpose of the test and the steps in the process.

When people are curious about their home water, many do not know where to go or who to ask for information or advice. Our Water Test by Mail program puts personalized information and answers to questions about your home water at your fingertips, in a convenient and quick way.

If you received a water test package, Why not take the opportunity to learn more about your home water? Simply send the sample back to us.

Or, if you do not have a water test package and would like to receive one, please provide us with your information

If you would like to learn about about the reasons why it makes sense to conduct a free water test, here is a useful article.

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Lifetime Water Systems