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As water makes 70% of the human body, the importance of its purity can never be emphasized enough. Each day, the York Region provides clean, safe drinking water to over one million people. This includes the city of Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon and other York Region. Although tap water in Mississauga is drinkable and safe for consumption, there are various types of chemical and physical elements present in it, which affects our everyday life in more ways than we think.

What's in your tap water?

Before the water is pumped for distribution from the two water treatment plants in Peel Region, chlorine, fluoride, ammonia, and phosphoric acid may be added for several reasons.

  • Chlorine: Chlorine is used in the drinking water process to control bacteria, algae, and viruses.
  • Fluoride: Flouride is added to drinking water to reduce the risk of tooth decay.
  • Ammonia: To maintain the level of chlorine.
  • Phosphoric acid to control corrosion from the lead pipes affecting the water.

Additionally, there could be other elements present in Mississauga's tap water which makes it hard, and even unhealthy. For example:

  • Lead: Tap water can potentially be contaminated from lead getting into the water from pipes. Even ''lead-free'' pipes can contain as much as 8% lead.
  • Nitrate: Nitrate from fertilizers, septic systems, etc. gets into the underground water.
  • Calcium, magnesium, and sulphate may also be present in tap water.

How to Test Your Tap Water?

The best way to test the purity of water at your home is to get a sample of your tap water tested in a certified laboratory. These laboratories have all the necessary types of equipment required to test water for various kinds of contaminants and minerals.

Lifetime Water Systems has been offering water treatment services in Mississauga and nearby regions for 25 years. They offer a complimentary water test for your home tap water from a fully certified laboratory in Mississauga. If you are wondering whether your house water is clean or not, book a free water test today.

What's In the Report ?

In this free water analysis, your tap water will be tested for certain parameters to ensure that the water at your home is as pure as it should be. The report will cover all the most important contaminants like:

  1. Lead
  2. Nitrate
  3. Nitrite
  4. Sulphate
  5. Chloride
  6. TDS
  7. Hardness
  8. Fluoride
  9. Alkalinity

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