Executive Team


Angela Mead

Ms. Mead has worked with Lifetime Water Systems since 2002. Her administrative strengths have allowed her to hold many positions within the company, and as Office Manager she is responsible for the day to day operations in the front office.


Bernard Boren

Mr. Boren has worked with Lifetime Water Systems since 1997. As Sales Director, he is responsible for managing our outstanding team of Technicians who work in the GTA. In his role, he is responsible for ensuring that our technicians follow the standards as outlined by the Canadian Water Quality Association.


Fernando Castello

When Mr. Castello purchased the RainSoft dealership in the GTA area from Classic Water Systems and in January 1997, Lifetime water Systems Inc was created. The company started like any other company, small and simple but after so many years we currently have thousands of customers through the GTA area enjoying good quality water. Fernando mantra: “I will never say that the city water is bad for you; what I say is that there is city water and Lifetime Water Systems’ water; we let the customer be the judge of which one is better for them”


Paul Grewal

Mr. Grewal has been with Lifetime Water Systems since 2007. He started out as a Service Technician, and his excellent customer interaction skills, and product knowledge had him quickly promoted to Service & Installation Manager. He is responsible for all the service quality for Lifetime Water Systems, and is supported by a team of Service & Installation Technicians, and Service Coordinators.


Shauna Phillips-Larmond

Ms. Phillips-Larmond started with Lifetime Water Systems in 1996 as a Telemarketer, in 2002 she was promoted to Marketing Manager. In this role, she is responsible for our outstanding team of Surveyors and Telemarketers. Her team ensures that we follow all Marketing protocol, and do their best to promote our excellent products, and services to the GTA.