Affiliations & Memberships



The Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA), is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the water treatment industry. We abide by the CWQA’s Code of Ethics, and marketing guidelines which promote honesty, integrity, fair dealing, and professionalism. The CWQA tests and certifies water treatment systems. This is our assurance that all of the water systems sold by Lifetime Water Treatment systems will perform as advertised. (Contact)



BBB Code of Business Practices represents standards for business accreditation by BBB. Businesses based in the United States and Canada that meet these standards and complete all application procedures will be accredited by BBB. (Contact)



The “I’m BackChecked” program lets our clients prove to you that they have selected safe, honest and reliable employees. Chances are you are visiting this page because a service provider has shown you a badge or business card with their BackCheck serial number on it. To verify the information on their badge or card, simply complete the fields below and you can quickly see a true copy of the badge, including a complete list of the screening services BackCheck has performed on them.


Contractor Check

ContractorCheck is an independent third party health and safety pre-qualification accreditation program for contractors.

Our team of health and safety professionals assesses and accredits contractors from more than 100 trades, right across Canada, for some of the largest commercial property companies and corporations in the country. As we work with our contractors towards Accreditation, they undergo a complete Assessment of their Health & Safety policies and procedures, training, and insurance compliance. We are committed to working with our contractors, one on one, to support them to meet legislative and client-specific requirements.