Toronto M3N

When Mohammad came and tested our water the results were mind blowing. We never thought that the water we were using was that bad. We decided that day that we wanted the rain soft lifetime water system. When we started using the system the water tasted amazing, our tea and coffee tasted way better and even the flavor of our food was enhanced.

When taking a shower your skin feels a lot smoother and the kids said they don’t get acne anymore. The shower walls and the tub is a lot cleaner, no more soap scum and grime. You can notice the difference in my wife’s hair. It’s softer and silkier and more manageable. When she does the laundry she uses less detergent and the clothes are a lot cleaner. We haven’t started to use the cleaning products yet because the old ones that we have are lasting a lot longer than before. When we do start to use them I know they will last as long as they say it will. We are very happy with the choice that we made and wish we had made it sooner. Thank you lifetime water system.

Anthony Ching

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