Toronto M2R

I bought the RainSoft system for many reasons. Health is the number one reason, and considering the savings from the soap and cleaning supplies, investment is easy and it pays for itself. From generation to generation, all the members of my family will benefit over time from the fine taste, smooth and good smell of the water. My skin is undeniably soft, smooth and I don’t need to use skin cream or lotion anymore. Unbelievable, but my two sons never go to bed without taking a shower, and they say it is so nice to shower with the water.

Our house is easy to manage, and I don’t need to clean as often as I used to. The smell throughout the house has changed big time, and we can now sleep comfortably. After cooking spicy foods, the smell within the kitchen is gone after only a couple of minutes. I love how the air purifier cleans the air which I know has benefited us a lot, in terms of our health. Also, our clothes smell good, even without the fabric conditioner.

Indeed, it is a good investment, and I am so thankful and proud to be one of the owners of the Rainsoft Whole House Environmental System. I believe the system has helped improve my family’s well-being.

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