My neighbor had the system from this company, and they were happy with the services. The sale person Raheem came to my house we felt were family friend, we are very satisfied with the services and quality provied by Raheem and Lifetime.
We enjoy using the treated water. I did not believe how worse the city water until using this treated water from Lifetime Water Systems. For my kids it was like a magic show when their representative Mr.Titus Paul demonstrated about this product. Even the kids have become cautious in consuming water from outside or other means. They like to carry only this treated water while on picnic. Moreover they have maintained high quality of service and very punctual in periodic testing.
I've been using this water treatment system for the past 4 years & I'm enjoying every time I have my shower particularly when I shave. The food we cook is very tasty & I'm happy that I drink at least 12 glass of water every day. Yes!!! This system is expensive but worth it. My family is enjoying the water & we save $$ in many aspects & I'm happy for the investment I made.
We recently purchased the water and air purification system. And we are very much satisfied with both the system and we r enjoying the benefits. When the technician Mr. Titus Paul came to our house to test the water, we were really shocked to know how bad is our water. We are very thankful to Mr. Titus for explaining with much patience to all my questions and helping us to enjoy the taste of pure water and all other benefits of the pure water. And we are very much happy with installation service provided by lifetime system. Though it is little expensive I will surely recommend this system to my friends and family to enjoy the pure water.