Air Solutions


Airmaster DFS

  • Doctor recommended, used in hospitals, and hospital clean rooms
  • Reduces airborne particles, micro organisms, and gasses
  • Provides Purified Air for the Entire House
  • Freshens Stale Air
  • Kills Many Common Bacteria and Moulds
  • Uses two safe and time-tested technologies: the ultraviolet (UV) light kills many airborne bacteria and viruses that contribute to household allergies; the specially designed ozone lamp effectively neutralizes problem odours from pets, cooking and other household sources. Portable Class II Medial-Grade Air Cleaning System

Airmaster Ultra

  • The UV lights kill many airborne bacteria & viruses
  • Reduces household odours, such as cooking, pets etc.
  • Works silently out of sight, treating the whole house automatically
  • The World’s Most Advanced Medial-Grade Air Cleaning System
  • Doctor recommended, used in hospitals, and hospital clean rooms.
  • FDS Listed as a Class II Medical Device
  • Exclusive 8 stages of filtration with powerful 6 stage chemical adsorption filter for VOC/Gas Scrubbing
  • Powerful Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) with a Germ Killing Destruction Rate of 94-100% and a Better than 99.99% Particle Capture at 0.3 Micron size.?
  • Better Than HEPA Efficiency!